Platinum Engineering offers a wide variety of telecom industry design services. Using our world class design team with decades of experience, we meet client needs with exemplary service and competitive rates. Allow us to join your team to bring state-of-the-art analysis and design, mapping, drafting, and other consulting services for your telecom infrastructure projects today.

  • Self Support Towers
  • Monopoles
  • Guy Wire Towers
  • Ground Mounted Poles
  • Water Tanks & Towers
  • Rooftops & Buildings
  • Stealth Radomes
  • Zone Drawings, Construction Drawings, Detail Design Drawings, As-Build Drawings, and Lease Exhibit Drawings done by our drafting team will meet the rigorous industry standard demands of field crews, carrier approval, and jurisdiction review for any type of telecom project.

    Platinum offers streamlined engineering analysis and design for all structures and mounts using the latest technology, performed by licensed professionals for Structural Engineering and Civil Engineering in all 50 states. Platinum Engineering’s engineering crew has decades of experience working with telecom infrastructure for loading certifications, new builds, site mods, and structural upgrades.

    Other telecom design services such as surveying, 1A letters, PE letters, geotechnical reports, heat studies, and electrical design are also available. Please contact for an estimate on your project.