About Us

Platinum Engineering Solutions, Inc.

Our readily available, high quality professional experts are widely known and continue to work hard to assure our clients that their project is in some of the best hands in the industry.

Our friendly, co-operative staff enjoys every opportunity to work with other consultants, and agencies to ensure you and your project receive un-paralleled service.

With the synergy created by a low turnover rate, and working as a tightly knit group, our clients immediately feel like an extented member of the Platinum family and benefit from the superior customer service and as a result, your projects gain value from our effectiveness and continuity of experience.

Licensed Areas:

While we are proudly licensed throughout the entire Unites States, here are a few states where we have successfully completed projects:

  • California @ lic#S-6304
  • California @ lic#59206
  • Oregon @ lic#72440PE
  • Washington @ lic#41702
  • Nevada @ lic#014153
  • Arizona @ lic#33246
  • New Mexico @ lic#17353
  • Texas @ lic#96309
  • Colorado @ lic#41089
  • Florida @ lic#64250
  • Pennsylvania @ #PE077993
  • Utah @ lic#7494105-2202
  • Missouri @ lic#2016008249
  • Oklahoma @ lic#28404
  • Idaho @ lic#13361
  • Hawaii @ lic#18182-S

  • We have also completed projects in The Philippines, Mexico and Canada.